We welcome all researchers and scholars with an interest in early modern bibles and related subjects.

From historians and linguists, to literary scholars and geographers, philosophers, and conventional biblical scholars. Whatever your interests and expertise, EMBERS provides the opportunity to connect with a wider scholarly community who share a common interest in early modern bibles.

Through EMBERS you can

  • Help determine priorities for this interdisciplinary community.
  • Discover what others are doing in the field of early modern bibles and biblical studies.
  • Share research news and opportunities.
  • Plan for future collaborations.

You can start by joining the EMBERS Forum, a moderated Google Group where members can join topic-led discussions and share information about upcoming events and new initiatives.


EMBERS is a new community, based at the University of Sheffield, UK. We welcome people from all backgrounds, and invite anyone with relevant interests to get involved in shaping future collaborations.

Read about the idea behind EMBERS on our founder's blog: ionasword.net.

Let us know about your own interests by filling out a profile and responding to the EMBERS Google survey.